Day: September 5, 2021

With the Oyo Mesi in Oyo today.

According to Wikipedia “The Oyo Mesi is the privy council of Oyo, a Yoruba traditional state in Southwestern Nigeria. It dates to the medieval period, when it served as the government of a powerful pre-colonial state that was known as the Oyo empire.” Was with Kabiyesi the Alaafin of Oyo today. He took me to a very very private and…

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Excerpt from the book -Politics That Works

“We seek, through this book, to bring the new generation of politicians out of their confusion and hand them the take-over baton. We will help you understand what politics that works entails , unveiling superior grassroots strategies you can employ to beat the odds and hold tightly to your values.The sooner the next generation realises that they can change nothing…

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Aladoko – Most Revered Masquerade in Ekiti

This masquerade is known as Aladoko or Ede in Ekiti. Some also call it Alamudu while some others call it still Egun Ire, ( the good masquerade). It is the most revered of masquerades in Ekiti for it’s  intellect , vision , foresight and wisdom and poetic recitations. It could stand on its feet for six hours chanting and not…

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Do you remember this photograph? It was taken for posterity at the June 12 awards in 2018. Mrs Ganiat Fawehinmi had come on the stage to be decorated on behalf of her late husband Chief Gani Fawehinmi. At the moment of decorating her something fell from the box containing the plaque . Pronto , President Mohamadu Buhari, in his more…

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