Aladoko – Most Revered Masquerade in Ekiti

Aladoko – Most Revered Masquerade in Ekiti

This masquerade is known as Aladoko or Ede in Ekiti. Some also call it Alamudu while some others call it still Egun Ire, ( the good masquerade).

It is the most revered of masquerades in Ekiti for it’s  intellect , vision , foresight and wisdom and poetic recitations. It could stand on its feet for six hours chanting and not repeating a single line.

In the past the masquerade is known to give children to the childless. The masquerade is itinerant. They travelled ‘far’  from Igbemo and Ijan Ekiti in those days to visit Ado Ekiti. Often they visit women who are looking for fruit of the womb and those who are afflicted . In return the women will have a covenant with them. They promise gifts of fowls or goats to the masquerades if their prayers are answered.

A particular one was said to have visited the home of an Anglican Canon in Ado Ekiti in those days and offered his son to be trained by him. According to the legend , the masquerade was said to have told the Canon that the masquerade of the future will emerge from the western schools . That son of his became famous as a professor.

Video courtesy of Dele Morakinyo 

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