By Prof Tess Onwueme “The ultimate measure of a man is notWhere he stands in moments of comfort,But where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”––Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. “ I always wanted to be someone better the next dayThan I was the day before.”––Sydney Poitier on The Measure of a Man (2000). “If you want JusticeYou must…

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What are Friends For? The Fatality of Affinity in the Postcolony1

By Wale AdebanwiAssociate Professor,African American and African Studies,University of California-Davis, United StatesEmail: anadebanwi@ucdavis.edu11 Oxford African Studies Annual Lecture, May 14, 2013. Oxford University, United KingdomAbstractFrom Aristotle and Plato through Montaigne and Durkheim to Giddens, the meaning, significance and purpose of friendship in public life have exercised the minds of philosophers, theologians, political scientists, social thinkers, and later sociologists and anthropologists.…

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