• On The Buhari In US

    On The Buhari In US

    By Babafemi Ojudu Speech made by Senator Babafemi Ojudu at the launch of the book ‘Buhari in Us ‘ written by Mr Abubakar Haruna The day is far spent and many of you must after this many hours be eager to meet other appointments. I will therefore crave your indulgence to skip the protocols and welcome all of you both on the high table and the higher table right in front of me.Your excellencies , distinguished guests and Honorables , ladies and gentlemen the Vice President Prof Yemi Osinbajo has asked me to apologise to you profoundly for not being here in person. He planned to come and the decision to send me here today to represent him was taken a few hours ago. I am therefore apologizing on his behalf for his inability to be here today to personally present this book written by a honorable young man on an honorable statesman who we all adore, respect and want to emulate .Now let me say this. I do not have a speech vetted by the the VP and what I will therefore say here this afternoon will largely be my opinion. Therefore whatever I say that is Presidential take...
  • “Lead from where you are”

    “Lead from where you are”

    By Senator Babafemi Ojudu, Special Adviser to the President on Political Matters at the APC Plateau Chapter Youth Forum. Saturday, March 13, 2021 I am honored to be with you today.It’s been a tough time since COVID-19 broke out in 2020 in Nigeria.I’ve lost good friends. Some who have recovered are still battling with post Covid - syndrome. As a result, a lot of folks are reluctant to travel or attend public gatherings unless it is extremely important, which is quite understandable. Despite these considerations, I am here today because I love this country and the youthful population with all my heart, and because of the great hope I have in you all to greatly transform Nigeria. I’ve met and interacted with a few of you here , Saminu Maiguru, Enoch John, Friday Gutul, Mohammed Abdukadir, and Abdulahi Adamu. I had cause to ask then where are the women and I was told they are back home planning and putting finishing touches to today’s event. Who best plan and manage than women? You all just reminds me of my youthful vigor, youthful passion and youthful creativity. Through you, I have seen this country’s future. And with a little guide here...
  • The Sunday Igboho I Knew.

    The Sunday Igboho I Knew.

    By Babafemi Ojudu It was in 2009. The Appeal Court sitting in Ilorin ordered a rerun in a number of polling units in the election between Segun Oni of PDP and Dr Kayode Fayemi of ACN. Oni had in the main election and the election petition tribunal that followed been declared winner of the gubernatorial contest. Our party , ACN contested this , hence the declaration of a rerun. The election which came three months after the Appeal Court judgement was like war. The PDP ruling at the Federal level did not want to lose Ekiti while the opposition ACN led and financed by Bola Ahmed Tinubu wanted to take Ekiti by all means. A few days to the election,we got an intelligence report that the PDP big wigs had perfected a plan to unleash thugs recruited from across Yoruba land on Ekiti. The plan was to kill and maim as many as possible, snatch ballot boxes and win by any means possible. Tinubu summoned me to Lagos and said Femi,"I have conducted a scientific opinion poll. You people can win this election. The only snag however is they are deploying state security as well as thugs against you. State...
  • See How We Hurt Ourselves

    See How We Hurt Ourselves

    By Babafemi Ojudu The Nigerian economy is one of the largest in Africa but would have been on the same scale with China and the USA had we combined foreign and indigenous economies to push up economic sustainability. Below is a list of companies operating in Nigeria in the early 60s. African Timber & Plywood ( Nigeria ) Ltd, SapelePaterson, Zochonis &Co. LtdHazlehurst & Sons ( W. A.) LtdUnilever Export LtdAnglo French Trading CompanyThe West African Lines ConferenceKingswayNigerian BreweriesEsther Beauty ParlourC.F. A. OGrizi ( Nigeria ) LtdEngineering & Metal Industries LtdPepsicolaBhojsons Departmental StoreBP ( West Africa ) LtdSick - Hagemeyer ( Nigeria ) LtdBuck ( Nigeria ) Iron & Steel MerchantsLion of Africa Insurance Co. LtdTexaco Africa LtdBank of West Africa LtdBOAC - British Overseas Airways CorporationBrazendale & Co LtdCow & Gate Milk/ FoodNigeria National LineLennards ( Lagos ) LtdElder Dempster Lines LtdAir FranceLea & PerrinsNigeria Tobacco Company LtdUTCM. El -Kalio Transport LtdMitchels ( Nigeria ) LtdThe Shell- BP Petroleum Development Company Of NigeriaPalm Line LtdRolls - Royce Limited ( Oil Engine Division )J. Allen & Company LtdNigeria Hotels LtdHercules BicycleA.G Leventis & Company LtdApapa Chemical Industries LtdGulf Hotels LtdFederal Palace Hotel LtdGuinea Construction Company LtdThe Nigerian Bottling Company LtdLeventis...
  • A Lesson From America

    A Lesson From America

    In the face of the brutal division, the polarization and the insurrection visited on Washington by elements of the Republican Party Senator Roy Blunt, a Republican , yesterday emceed the inauguration of President Joe Biden. He was assisted by Senator Amy Klobuchar , a Democrat. Political parties are vehicles for attaining power. Multi party system is put in place to enable citizens , voters have a choice. People are citizens before they are members of political parties.More importantly, we are all children of God and members of the same human race. Let no politics divide us. To paraphrase Biden , politics, democracy and elections should not be war. Babafemi Ojudu
  • A Well Deserved Appointment

    A Well Deserved Appointment

    The appointment of Gen Buba Marwa as drug tzar excites me. From hence he will manage the affairs of Nigeria Drug Law Enforcement And Administration ( NDLEA ) Marwa, remember him? He was a performing governor of Lagos State. He is deeply passionate about saving our youths and our nation from from the evil effect of illicit drugs. He comes with knowledge. He has done a lot of research on this subject. Sometime ago I listen to him at a conference of traditional rulers present a paper on the prevalence of drug abuse among our youths. I was on the high table with him representing the Vice President at the event . I couldn’t help commending him for the passion he brought to his presentation. Accost him , he will reel out more than a hundred different drugs our young ones, house wives and big boys consume and where the prevalence of each is. He didn’t only come with knowledge , he is an experienced man. A man who will not toy with his image and reputation. Welcome to another tour of duty General.Watch your back though. This is a dangerous terrain filled with individuals adept at the art of...
  • Beware of Rabbles

    Beware of Rabbles

    By Babafemi Ojudu Rabble rousers, megalomaniacs , narcissists, gallery artists; like viruses are infectious. They are as dangerous and equally virulent. Human viruses come in the guise of saviors, their messianic complex as huge as Marquee tents. Their ego bloated like a dead cow left to rot by the road side. They destroy every space they gain an entrance. Society requires vaccination against them. Failing ,everyone is put at risk. Think Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, General Francisco Franco, Africa’s own Idi Amin, America’s Trump and our own aspiring local variants. They have one thing in common, those who cheer them on first become their victims. Identify them early and clip their wings. If not they , like thick brush in the forest, creep on all , till everyone is befuddled. Think of the bright lives terminated by the swords of Hitler when he began to see himself as the God of Germans and the Aryan race. Amin put the folks who helped him to power to death and kept their hearts in his refrigerator to demonstrate his invincibility. Mussolini’s enabler were Italy’s first set of offerings to the god of populism. Wish Col Victor Banjo had acted a little differently. No,...
  • Buhari – A Symbolic Leader for the Ages

    Buhari – A Symbolic Leader for the Ages

    By Sen Babafemi Ojudu Every now and then, there comes a critical point in the life of a nation where the train of national progress need to course correct or negotiate tactical bends, though deleterious yet necessary. During these uncommon times, ordinary leaders are not sufficient. Leaders that speak well, talk a good game, have room full of certificates or command fair share of loyal followers are not by themselves sufficient. Critical periods require symbolic leaders. Such was the case with South Africa when the curtains of Apartheid was being drawn, and the transition to become the most liberal multi-racial democracy not just in Africa but in the world- became not only apparent but necessary. Nelson Mandela taking the mantle after age and suffering had taken its toll at a rich age of seventy-six until he was eighty-one, provided a rich symbolism for the new era of freedom. That symbolism kept reactionary forces even within his own party at bay, as the foundations of a reconciled instead of a bitter society was laid under the steady and studious philosophical leadership of Nelson Mandela. Of course, not without the consternation of younger and headier forces whose subsequent leadership we all now...


    By Senator Babafemi Ojudu Distinguished guests, friends and colleagues in the Afenifere Renewal Group, Ondo State Chapter, Gentlemen of the Press, Ladies and Gentlemen: It is with a mixture of joy and sadness that I share my thoughts with you today as we celebrate - or perhaps, I should say 'mourn' - the anniversary of the freest and fairest presidential election that this country has ever held - the June 12, 1993 election. June 12 has since become an iconic day in the calendar of a fumbling and struggling postcolonial entity; a country which has not only refused to face the fundamental challenges that make it a laughing stock of the rest of the world, but also one, which despite its stupendous human and natural resources, has refused to march towards her manifest destiny as the greatest black nation on earth. I say we might as well be mourning as we remember June 12 today because it was a day that a Nigerian nation, in the proper sense, was almost born. But that it turned out to be a still-birth. June 12, 1993 was the day in the calendar of an agglomeration of disparate and mutually-antagonistic nations and groups when...
  • Demon Crazy , Crazy Demon, Demonstration of Crazy.

    Demon Crazy , Crazy Demon, Demonstration of Crazy.

    By Babafemi Ojudu I saw this on a WhatsApp forum yesterday and couldn’t stop laughing. The table seems to have turned. All that is wrong with our democracy in Africa is now rearing it’s head in America. Ballot box burning, brawls by supporters, fake news, outright lying, food packages to woo voters, brazen disregard for the right of others to hold contrary opinions, threats not to accept outcome of the election… The president making allegations of rigging and his supporters threatening war if their candidate loses. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=mO2Bm4WEZo8 All of those things we were lectured was bad for our democracy and for which our political leaders were threatened with visa ban I am getting to see and read every day as the Election Day approaches. The ‘saner clime ‘ as our compatriots in the diaspora calls it to deride their home country is gradually beginning to look different from the way it was presented. Are these new phenomena or we just getting to know now because news is no longer filtered or filterable ? Fela’s Teacher Don’t Teach Me Nonsense is playing on my iPad.

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