Yeah! I am 60.

Yeah! I am 60.

Didn’t think I’d get here.
Considering the tumultuous life I have led; taking on the mighty and the powerful, several arrests, torture and detention!

My God! It’s been a rough and turbulent journey but Here I am. I survived helicopter crash, even COVID 19 tried but couldn’t break me. Several conspiracies and betrayals yet I remain standing.

God has been most wonderful. He has awarded me moderate success. One that has ensured that I am sturdy on the ground and not deluded or self-conceited. He has given me good health, a wonderful wife, successful and disciplined children, promising grandchildren and fantastic friends and dutiful compatriots.

In all, I am content. What else could I ask for?

My appreciation goes to everyone who has been a part of my journey. We’ve come a long way.

My apologies to everyone whom I may have hurt in the course of living my beliefs and pursuing my goals of fighting for a better society.

To those who have hurt me, no hard feelings. I understand and I forgive you too.

Another year , this land mark particularly, affords me the opportunity to countinue to pursue my deepest beliefs which are for the betterment of our society.

I am grateful for this opportunity and I am duty bound to do my best.

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